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Curative Soul
provides fashionably unique healing jewelry, quality chakra stones, and healing art to stimulate the energies of the mind, body, and spirit. We mine, shape, and polish many of our minerals and handmade jewelry, cleansing each piece with hand-gathered sage before shipping, offering you the best in healing stones that are truly made with love.
Healing Jewelry Designer Laura Beth McIlroy "LB" of Curative Soul is part of a 50-year family legacy of lapidary work, rockhounding, and jewelry making.  Her family was featured in the 1967 National Geographic...
About the Designer
Healing Jewelry Designer Laura Beth McIlroy (“LB”) began Curative Soul in 2012, following the height of her own personal journey with healing stones and crystals. Finding the intersection between faith and science, spirituality and fashion, LB has coupled her deep knowledge of minerals and their energetic healing properties with her unique artistic ability to create one-of-a-kind pieces made with love and intention for her worldwide clients.

LB is part of a 50-year family legacy, dating back to 1962 when her family began rockhounding and lapidary work, creating beautiful gemstone and crystal jewelry in what they called their “Rock Shop”. In 1967, the McIlroy’s were featured on KDKA radio and in the National Geographic for their lapidary work and rockhounding , showcasing her father Joe McIlroy’s shaping and faceting skills and his turquoise cabochon contribution to the “First Ladies’ Brooch” that is still housed in the Smithsonian Institute to this day. McIlroy's featured in the 1967 National Geographic for their Lapidary Work

Not only does her father Joe continue to mine, shape, and polish minerals, but he taught his daughters the trade as well. LB’s older sister, Melissa, was the first to continue the family legacy in 2007, showcasing her work throughout local gem and jewelry shows on the East Coast, and adding the “healing touches” to each piece after educating herself on the chakra energy systems and crystal medicine. LB credits her sister Melissa for teaching and inspiring her healing jewelry designs, while they both credit their father for honing their lapidary skills, and their mother for her unconditional love and support.

Creating Curative Soul
Needless to say, LB’s childhood was filled with crystals. Growing up in a legendary rockhounding family resulted in their house being filled with a large stock of beautiful minerals, fossils, and crystal specimens.

LB recalls always having felt a sense of magic when in the presence of crystals as a child. They were always around her, and she could feel their energies. As she grew older, she attributed this to her creative imagination, although she would later find that her childhood intuition was right all along...

She graduated from WVU with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (Minors in Communications and Theater) and a Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications, and began working for a non-profit in Washington, DC in 2007 while taking on small acting roles in her spare time. Knowing that she wanted to be of service and creatively inspire the world, she still felt as though something was missing from her life. She moved to California in 2009 to pursue her passion of performing arts, and most importantly the year-round sunshine.

It wasn’t until this move to sunny southern California that she began her own personal collection of crystals. She studied the chakras, auras, meridians, and everything regarding crystal medicine and their vibrational healing frequencies, receiving guidance from Reiki healers and visiting LA’s metaphysical shops to soak up the knowledge. Ironically at this same time, her sister had been learning the same. She sent LB numerous books and many minerals from their father’s stock, reuniting her with the spiritual magic she once felt, but never quite understood until then.

With her rooted knowledge of minerals and a renewed sense of universal spirituality, LB was inspired to share this information with the world. Her analytical side wanted to create a website that offers easy to read information regarding our bodies’ energy systems and crystal healing (with the ability to search crystal jewelry by chakra, color, gemstone, or healing intent), while her creative side wanted to produce jewelry and art, and her passionate and empathetic side wanted to help people heal. And so she founded Curative Soul.
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