How to Cleanse Crystals

Cleansing your crystals and gemstones is very important to ensure any residual disharmonies are removed before and after each use.  They are constantly collecting energy from you and the environment where they are housed, and need to be restored with positive energy through cleansing.

There are a few ways to do this including smudging, water, salt, sound, and sunlight.  (Be sure to choose a safe cleansing procedure, as some crystals (such as Celestite) will separate in water, and salt can damage some crystalline structures and gemstones such as Opals).  To be safe, we recommend smudging.

Smudging:  An excellent ancient form of purification of your crystals, and our favorite, as it can also be used to cleanse you and your healing or meditation space.  Sage smudge sticks are typically used, by lighting one end and allowing the smoke to pass around the crystal/gemstone, you or your personal space, as it detaches negative energies.  It is a good idea to keep a window or door open, so these unwanted energies can flow out of your space.

Water:  For crystals and gemstones that can be cleansed with water, natural bodies such as streams, waterfalls, rivers, and springs are great for crystal purification.  Let the water flow over your crystal while holding the intention of cleansing and re-energizing.  We do not recommend cleansing our healing jewelry with water.

Salt:  Sea salt is another method of cleansing to remove negative energy, although it is very important to note that salt may damage some crystals!  Suitable crystals and gemstones can be placed in a bowl of sea salt, while susceptible crystals can be placed inside of a glass dish that is placed in a larger dish of sea salt.    Be sure to brush off all salt after cleansing.   We do not recommend cleansing our healing jewelry with salt/water.

Sound: Another effective method for crystal and gemstone cleansing, sound is great for cleansing many crystals at once, as well as your meditation or personal space to rid negative and unproductive energies.  Singing bowls, bells, Tibetan cymbals, or tuning forks are good methods of cleansing with sound.

Sun: Probably the easiest method for crystal cleansing is sunlight.  Simply place your crystals in direct sunlight to restore their original healing properties.  Remember to do this before noon, as after that the sun's energy becomes draining.

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