The seven layers of our auras.  The Physical Aura, Etheric Aura, Emotional Aura, Vital Aura, Astral Aura, Lower Mental Plane, and Higher Mental Plane.Our auras are a pulsing, dynamic energy that surrounds and moves through the physical body.

In Sanskrit, this subtle-energy field is called kosas, meaning “body sheaths”.  To talent that can see auras, they look like luminous eggs of varying color around the body, with the color depending upon mood, state of health, etc.

The aura consists of seven layers that correlate with our seven chakras.  We receive energy from the outside world through our auras to the chakras, and we release energy from our chakras to our auras and out to the world.   Just as with our chakras, factors such as illness, negative thinking, poor diet, addictions, stress, pollutants, etc., can deplete our auras.  We can use crystals and gemstones to repair this auric damage.

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