Rainbow Titanium Quartz 8 Points - Gold Necklace


Chakra balancing for the Goddess!  Eight Gorgeous Rainbow Titanium Quartz Crystals strung from an 18-inch gold-finished chain.  Quartz pieces are approximately 1" long. 

Rainbow Titanium Quartz, also called "Flame Aura" and "rainbow aura quartz”, has been enhanced with a combination of titanium and niobium  molecules that are bonded to the quartz by the natural electrostatic charge of the crystal in a process known as magnetron ionization. Themystical rainbow colors are the result of optical interference effects produced by layers of titanium. Since only electricity is used to deposit the titanium layers and create these colors, very little heat is involved and the integrity of the crystal is maintained... The quartz vibrations are filtered through color and transformed to enhance vibrations for each color frequency, providing you with full chakra balancing and positive energy.

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