Hematite is great for healing the root chakra, and is especially helpful to those balancing their chakras for the first time, as it is a wonderful grounding stone.  It also helps to restore equilibrium, purify blood while helping abHealing hematite stones for grounding.sorb iron in the small intestine, and helps to support kidney function and bodily fluids.  Hematite is a great stone for children and adults overcoming traumatic experiences as it strengthens stability while allowing one to move forward.

Astrological Associations: Aries, Aquarius

All Hematite Healing Stones & Jewelry:

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Hematite Belly Button Ring

Hematite Belly Button Ring

Hangs 1.25" below navel. Surgical Steel and Sterling Silver. >See hematite healing properties and jewelry

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Hematite Tan Twine Bracelet

Hematite Tan Twine Bracelet

Measuring 7¾ inches in length (and adjusts down to 6¾), this hematite healing bracelet is great for grounding and stability .  It...

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