Amber is fossilized tree resin that is often classified as a gemstone and has been used since Neolithic times in jewelry, fragrances, and as a medicinal ingredient.  Amber is opaque or transparent with yellow to golden brown hues of warm color frequencies.  Natural Amber Stones, Amber healing properties and jewelry from Curative Soul It is a powerful healing stone that revitalizes and stimulates the subtle body to nurturing vibrations for self-healing of emotional, physical, and spiritual dis-ease.

Resin is the hydrocarbon secretion that plays an extremely important function in trees by rapidly sealing over wounds (from broken branches, harsh weather, animals, and other environmental factors) to protect themselves from invading insects, fungi, etc., much like a bandage.  It contains high antiseptic qualities that prevent decay, while stopping significant water loss from the plant’s tissues to sustain life.  This tree resin (often mixed with insects and plant material), falls and hardens as essential oils evaporate and eventually fossilize after millions of years to form the stone we call Amber. 

Amber is valuable stone today with amazing healing properties that carry the patience and wisdom of nature.   It is very earthy, grounding, nurturing, and protective of our vital life-force with the ability to draw dis-ease out of the subtle body.   It is great for wound healing, tissue repair, and restoration from prolonged illness and pain

Like a natural antibiotic for the soul, Amber helps to remove static energy caused from distress, and is particularly helpful with cleansing the lower chakras.  Deep reddish-brown hues are best for balancing the root chakra, while golden-brown/orange hues best for the sacral chakra, and yellow hues best for the solar plexus

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Amber Cabochon in Sterling Silver Flower Necklace

Amber Cabochon in Sterling Silver Flower Necklace

Natural Amber, cabochon-cut and set in sterling silver on an 18" sterling silver chain.  Measures 1.1" in length (from top of bail).

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Amber Cabochon Sterling Silver Ring

Amber Cabochon Sterling Silver Ring

Natural Amber, cabochon-cut and set in sterling silver ring.   Size 7.

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