Peridot, also known as Chrysolite, is gem-quality Olivine (magnesium iron silicate mineral).   Peridot is olive-green and sometimes yellowish-green, with color intensity depending on the amount of iron contained in the crystal structure.Peridot Healing Crystals and Jewelry by CurativeSoul
Ancients used Peridot for spiritual protection, as they believed it kept the evil spirits away.  It is indeed a powerfully protective stone for the aura and subtle bodies, with a profound ability to cleanse - releasing and neutralizing physiological toxins on all levels to purify the mind, body, and spirit.

Peridot cleanses and opens the heart and solar plexus chakras, which often affect eachother more than we realize, when out of balance.  While the solar plexus governs our physical center and personal power, and the heart chakra pertains to our love, safety, trust, self-compassion, and relationships, negative circumstances and feelings that cause one to lower vibration or close completely can easily lower the next in line.

Peridot helps one release their “old baggage”, freeing one from guilt, obsessions, remorse, anger, jealousy, and negative patterns, while allowing you to bring out the necessary changes to access a higher frequency.  It helps one to let go of people or a past that is counterproductive to your higher spiritual purpose and destiny.  It’s a wonderful stone to help you forgive yourself and others, bringing psychological clarity and awareness of your own spiritual truth as you detach from that which no longer serves you.  It helps bring attention to the things you may have neglected (consciously or unconsciously), and propels self-responsibility while empowering uplifting change to move forward.

It's particularly helpful to empaths and healers, as it provides auric protection while aiding in your detachment of lower energies and negative frequencies you encounter when clearing and working with clients… keeping you attuned to the higher awareness in your service to humanity.

Physically, Periodot has a tonic healing effect as it strengthens and regenerates tissue, particularly stimulating for our largest organ – our skin.  Also a wonderful stone for pregnancy, as it aids giving birth by strengthening the muscle contractions while lessening pain, and provides a soothing renewal frequency that stimulates a speedy recovery following the birth process.

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Dual Peridot Cabochon Sterling Silver Ring - Adjustable

Dual Peridot Cabochon Sterling Silver Ring - Adjustable

Two Peridot Cabochons on adjustable sterling silver wire ring. > See all Peridot Crystals, Healing Properties & Jewelry > See all Sterling...

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Peridot Crystals in Corked Bottle Necklace

Peridot Crystals in Corked Bottle Necklace

Natural, raw Peridot Crystals in 2" glass corked bottle on 24" silver-finished chain.  > See more Peridot Crystals, Healing...

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