Carnelian is an orange to brownish-red variety of the silica mineral chalcedony colored by impurities of iron oxide.  Carnelian healing properties, crystals, and carnelian jewelryCarnelian is a wonderful stone for healing the sacral chakra - boosting vitality and energy, promoting creativity, increasing confidence and sexual health. This is a great stone for restoring passion and sexual energy, increasing fertility in women and reversing impotency men.

A very motivating stone, Carnelian stimulates and inspires creativity, making it very useful for those in creative professions as it helps one to trust themselves and their perceptions.  It also helps to sharpen concentration and remove mental blocks while removing negative conditioning. 

As Carnelian increases one's energy and life force, it also stimulates metabolism, regulates bodily fluids, and accelerates healing of lower back problems, neuralgia, arthritis, and advanced depression (especially depression deriving from issues involving the sacral chakra).

Used in ancient times to protect the dead on their journey to the afterlife, Carnelian helps one to accept the cycle of life by removing the fear of death, taking comfort in the present and easing the pain from losing loved ones that have passed on.  Very helpful for those nearing death and those experiencing bereavement.

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Carnelian in Corked Bottle Necklace

Carnelian in Corked Bottle Necklace

Natural, raw Carnelian Crystals in 2" glass corked bottle on 24" silver-finished chain.  >See more Crystals in Glass Bottled...

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